Jun 11, 2012

The Gayatri Mantra and the Wonders of Sanskrit

The Gayatri Mantra and the Wonders of Sanskrit

5 years ago I began my jewelry business venture, Gayatri Designs. Gayatri, (pronounced "Guy-ah-tree"), is a Sanskrit word referring to the universal Divine Mother energy. More than that, Gayatri is a specific form and aspect of the Divine Mother as Hindu Goddess Gayatri. It also refers to Her mantra, the Gayatri Mantra.

Scratch the surface of Hinduism and you will find a very deep, vast, and complex body of universally applicable, scientific Knowledge known as the Vedic sciences. Hatha Yoga is a very small twig on the mighty tree of this tradition. In the West, we approach science as the study of matter. We use the instruments of the 5 senses to explore and experimeny with matter. The greatness of India's scientific discoveries has not come from probing the outer, physical matter perceptible by the five gross senses, but by exploring that which lies at it's heart and essence. The Sanskrit language is perhaps the most refined and sophisticated "tool" for experiencing "essence" or subtle levels of our experience which are not readily available to the gross senses. The colorful array of Hindu Dieties and iconography is so astonishingly panoramic in it's scope, so endlessly creative and universal in it's variety that to reflect on them is to  look into the mirror of ones own Consciousness. Not only that, but all the different forms of God/Goddesses have their own sound as well. and  in it's has been  has I dedicated myself to chanting the mantra while making my jewelry. More than creating beautiful adornments, this was a way to share the illuminating power of Gayatri with my customers. I often had a beautiful CD recording of the Gayatri Mantra by Vyaas Houston of the American Sanskrit Institute softly playing in my studio throughout the day.

Customers have commented on the "light", "glow", and "aliveness" of the jewelry I create and that it feels "healing" to wear. In the tradition of Ayurveda, a healer will chant appropriate mantras as they prepare medicinal herbs for a patient. In doing this, the medicine becomes energized with specific healing pranas. Jewelry, gemstones, metals, yantras and any material object can be energized with mantra and intention in this manner.

Sanskrit is the original, universal, scientific language of Consciousness itself. It has the full power (Shakti) to change and expand Consciousness merely by the of hearing it. The Sanskrit sounds or seed syllables correspond with the different chakras of our energetic bodies, and can awaken those centers of consciousness.

The purpose of life is to intuitively know ourselves as Consciousness; to awaken from this material consciousness of body and mind only and intuitively realize that we are more than this-we are the immortal soul. Something in us remembers this. Sanskrit language actually, practically and scientifically helps us to realize it! OM is the Mother of all creation-the original "word", vibration or Sanskrit seed syllable that literally brings this whole creation into being. In this way, Sanskrit language is in exact correspondence with Reality, Truth, God, Consciousness Itself. Below is an interesting video on the scientific basis of  Gayatri and an useful introduction to the metaphysics of mantras and how they work.

I first experienced the power of Sanskrit 12 years ago when I heard the Gayatri Mantra at a weekend silent meditation retreat. Thus began a love, and earnest pursuit of Sanskrit mantra, yoga meditation and philosophy which has continued to deepen and mature to this day. I had subtle, yet powerful experiences while listening and mentally chanting the mantra and noticed how it naturally and effortlessly led to a meditative state. The wonderful stillness and inner peace I felt after chanting the Gayatri prompted me to begin a regular practice of the mantra.

Mantra ("man" comes from "mind", and "tra", "tool"). One could say that mantra is a combination of specific sounds used as a tool by the mind to go beyond the mind.

Gayatri is a Sanskrit word referring to a goddess, her mantra and a Sanskrit verse based in the ancient Rigveda. It was first received by the great rishi (saint) Vishvamitra who attained God-Realization through its recitation. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna proclaims, "Among mantras, I am Gayatri". The mantra can be described as a universal prayer and invocation to the Divine Light, to guide our intellect in the right direction. To chant the Gayatri is to join ones little streamlet of thought to the great thought form or divine stream which has been carved in the ether by countless saints and sages over many eons.

Gayatri Devi

This mantra embodies the essence of Agni (fire), and corresponds to the rays of the sun. It is traditionally chanted at the junctures of dawn, noon and dusk, in harmony with the movements of the sun relative to our earthly experience. The solar force of the Gayatri mantra has the power to burn up impurities in the mind and physiology, thus illuminating, protecting and strengthening the intellect and discriminative faculties. It is said that chanting the mantra 108 times morning and evening destroys the karma accumulated during the day.

The Gayatri Mantra is widely known, practiced and revered in India today. The following is a version chanted by the late, modern Indian saint, Satya Sai Baba, who had a great love and knowledge of the mantra. Many of his talks on the uplifting, spiritual and healing benefits of the mantra are available on-line.

One unique attribute of the Gayatri mantra is it's universality. It has spread far beyond the boundaries of India, such that many who practice Westernized yoga have chanted or at least heard of it. Below is a popular new-age version of the Gayatri mantra by musician, Deva Premal. This video also loosely translates the Sanskrit to English:



Dec 22, 2011

Divine Mother Poem

Divine Mother Poem

In my heart of hearts,

Lives the Holy Face,

of a Jew called Jesus,

In my expression, I'm a Sufi;

In my mind, purely Zen Buddhist;

and in practice, A Hindu.

My friends are all of the above,

and then some, 

atheists included.

I sit on the Lap of the Mother, 

She who is called by many names,

who takes different forms,

in different places.

I have found a comfy nook,

Nuzzled in so close,

I can hear Her breathe.

Strange, though looking out

From my seat,

Wherever I set my gaze,

All I see is 

Her Face.

-Seanne Sullivan, December 22, 2011


Sep 4, 2011

See What Customers are Saying About Gayatri Designs Jewelry...

Samantha Says:

Absolutely love this piece. It is now my favorite everyday wear necklace. Thank you for such a special item that has now become part of me.

Sept 4, 2011

Jeannine Says:

Hi Seanne,

I received the earrings yesterday.  They are even lovelier in person then they were in the picture. Much more delicate than I was expecting and I adore them!

And such nice packaging. I got these as a gift for a friend and I'm not even going to need to wrap them.  Hooray!

Thank you,

Sept 2, 2011

E. Razon says:

I love these earrings! They are perfectly proportioned in size and materials. They are lightweight and will go with jeans or dressy clothes. Very fast shipping, too. I'm very happy with my purchase, thank you Seanne :)

E. Razon says:

I love my new earrings, I'll be wearing them a lot.I've never had a pair to match my eyes before;-) Very well and nicely packaged and quick shipping, too. Thank you:)

lima Kitten says:

Oh how beautiful!!!! Even more lovely in person. Thanks for the fast shipping and beautiful and secure shipping!

rayne 228 says:

beautiful, love them. will definitely shop here again.

E. Razon says:

This was a very well received Christmas gift to my Mother-in-Law. Thank you for making this an easy transaction:)

doodles 14 says:

Gorgeous earrings. They were definitely worth the wait! And thank you for the special gift.

rolling duck 08 says:

These earrings are lovely. Thanks for speedy and nicely packaged shipment

widjet j 27 says:

This is so beautiful. I'm debating whether to keep it or to give it to the friend for whom it was originally intended!